Kimmel Evans started doing taxidermy in 1990, when he took some private lessons from a taxidermist. The idea was to be able to create quality work on his own personal trophies and it quickly became a passion.

For years, Kimmel juggled his job as a mechanic at the United Airlines while doing taxidermy for himself and his friends in his spare time. He always found a way to fit in hunting, restoring old trucks and fishing trips to Alaska and Texas, often organizing large groups to go with him in the hopes of bringing home the taxidermy work.

In 2002, Kimmel decided it was time to devote 100% of his time to taxidermy. He expanded his shop, built a studio and became licensed as a taxidermist.

Kimmel’s work is some of the best you will see. He is a true artist, concentrating on making sure the animal looks as real as it did the day you saw it in the wild.

Please visit his gallery. Let us create something spectacular for your record-book or sentimental animal.