Andrew J. Suedkamp, President

GROUND Engineering Consultants, Inc.

In late 2006 I was in need of finding a local taxidermist who could help with some animals that I wished to have preserved. After searching phone book listings and websites, I called Echohawk Taxidermy, to evaluate whether or not you would be a good fit for some of the needs that I had. Having heard horror stories of poor experiences that some of my friends have had with their treasured trophies, I was skeptical of other taxidermists that I had spoken to, but your demeanor on the phone, as well as your professionally tailored website, really stood out from the myriad of others.

I have since had the opportunity to bring several animals to Echohawk and have been impressed with how alive you have crafted them to become. Your services and abilities exceeded all expectations. After several animals that you preserved for me, as well as a slew of emails and phone conversations, not only have you provided excellent taxidermy work, you have become a genuine friend.

Recently, you invited me and some business associates / friends of mine to a hunting trip of a lifetime that you had put together in the Texas Hill Country. As stated to you personally, I have never been so impressed with a hunting lodge and the affiliated staff and other amenities. The memories made on that trip will live with each of us who attended until the day we die.

Please consider this as the highest endorsement of you and your business that I can give, as I would recommend Echohawk Taxidermy to anyone who was looking not simply for a taxidermist, but for a relationship with a trustworthy, dedicated, and honest guy who isn’t just good at his trade, but takes a personal interest in the quality that he provides to his customers.

James and Sharon Suermann

Thanks so much for every thing. We really love what you’ve done with our heads. They are beautiful. Hopefully our paths will cross again!

Steve Smith

Thanks for the beautiful work on my mount. I will enjoy him every day.

Ryan Brenneman

Tyler and I were at Bass Pro this weekend. We looked in detail at the stuffed pheasants they had on display on the lower level in the clothing section. They about made me throw up as they were the ugliest birds I have seen. The bird you did for us is exquisite and we still have it in our kitchen alcove under display as I won’t let Tyler put it in his room. The whole family loves it.

Great job again.